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Why Choose Us?

 With the countless numbers of dog trainers and methods out there.....why should you choose us? 


Find Out Now!



Professional Behavior & Training Services

  • Private Session "At Your Home" Behavioral Training +

    • Up to 4 Sessions of Private Training at your home or business.
    • 1st Session = up to 3 hours.  Follow-Up Sessions = up to 2 hours. Up to 10 hours total.
    • Programs are custom-tailored to meet the goals of each unique dog/owner team.
    • OPTIONAL: Pack Dynamic Training Sessions available at our location.
    • Highly effective In-Home Training for all breeeds, ages & temperaments.
    • Includes Unlimited Support for the life of your dog! 

    • Discounted Puppy Programs available! (for puppies from 8-20 weeks of age)



  • Basic Manners & Socialization Workshop (Board & Train) +

    • Basic Manners Workshop is designed specifically for dogs under the age of 12 months.

    • 14 days of Basic Manners and Canine Socialization Training that is second to none!.
    • Includes 1 Session, up to 2 hours, here at the completion of the Program.
    • Improved Canine Manners, Impulse Control and enhanced Canine Social Skills.
    • Incredible benefit of Positive Socialization Training courtesy of The Pack.
    • Basic Obedience & Loose-Leash Walking Training are included with this Program.
    • Includes Unlimited Support for the life of your dog!
    • Discounted Puppy Program available! (ONLY for pups between 12-24 weeks of age).



  • Advanced Manners & Socialization Camp (Board & Train) +

    • This Program is not designed to treat Dog or Human Aggression (please see our In-Patient Program).

    • 30 Days of Advanced Manners & Socialization Training at our Hope Valley, RI location.
    • Includes 2 Private Sessions at your home or place of business once the training has completed.
    • Advanced Impulse Control, Manners & Obedience Reliability in high arousal situations or environments.
    • Immeasurable advancements in Positive Socialization with our balanced Pack.
    • Includes Unlimited Support for the life of your dog!



  • In-Patient Behavioral Rehabilitation (Board & Train) +

    *A highly specialized Behavioral Rehabilitation Program to successfully modify the most severe behavioral issues:
      • Dog/Dog Aggression
      • Dog/Human Aggression
      • Separation Anxiety
      • Fears & Phobia's
      • Any and all moderate to severe behavioral issues
    • 45 days of highly specialized Behavioral Rehabilitation utlizing our proven Pack Dynamic Training Method.
    • During this time, your dog will live each day with Brian and The Pack at his home in Hope Valley, RI.
    • 4 Private Sessions at your home or business once the Training Program has been completed.
    • Greatly enhanced reliability w/ Obedience, Loose-Leash Walking & Treadmill Training.
    • There is no other Program in New England as comprehensive as our In-Patient Program.
    • Includes Unlimited Support your dog's life!


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Welcome From Brian

Hello and welcome to the Home Page of our Website.

My name is Brian P. Manning and I am the Founder, Owner and Lead Behavior Consultant for my company, Canine Behavioral Services Inc.  I have been working with dogs, in many different capacities, for over 25 years.  In recent years, the Pet Products and Services Industry has literally exploded with new products and services as well as trainers and training "methods".  The number of new dog trainers, both professionally certified and self-titled, has grown significantly in the last few years.  As a result, owners have countless choices when it comes to who they hire as well as the type, or method, of training they enlist.  For some experienced owners, this variety can be beneficial.  However, for most dog owners, the overabundance of choices makes finding the “right” trainer and methodology, for themselves and their beloved dog, quite difficult and downright confusing.

Our Professional Behavior Modification and Training Programs utilize a Cynopraxic approach. 

  • Cynopraxis: "Cynopraxic Training proceeds on the assumption that dogs and people possess a shared capacity to establish relations based on fair exchange.  Such training promotes cognitive, emotional and behavioral changes conducive to social competence, cooperation and play. Cynopraxic training objectives are governed by two essential social and life experience criteria: (1) enhance the human dog relationship and (2) impove the dog's quality of life."  

    -  Steven R. Lindsay, Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training

By taking a scientifically sound approach to dog training, strictly adhering to the LIMA Principle & Human Hierarchy, while prioritizing the dogs needs and motivating factors, we can naturally lead and guide the dog into proper acceptable behaviors without the need for the harsh corrections or intimidation used by some trainers to achieve quick results.  The problem is, those "quick" results almost never last.  In many cases, not able to be solved or helped by humans alone, we utilize a highly specialized and proprietary Pack Dynamic Training process.  This incredibly successful process is often times the ONLY way that certain negatively developed  behaviors can be improved.  

Whether you are interested in establishing a very rewarding Leader-Follower Bond, teaching your dog to walk well on a Loose-Leash, or have a dog with severe behavioral issues, we here at Canine Behavioral Services Inc. have the professional ability and experience to help your dog vastly improve his or her behavior and set the tone for a future of peace, harmony and behavioral balance! 

We know that finding the right trainer for you can be a difficult decision and we truly appreciate and thank you for your time and consideration. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.  



Brian P. Manning, CPDT-KA

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Customized Training Quote


Client Testimonials

  • Bubsy Becomes Balanced +

    Training Program: In-Patient
    Program Start Date:  9.7.15  

    I enrolled my pit-mix Hudson in Brian's In-Patient Behavioral Rehabilitation Program when our family had some major changes and he had some severe regression.  After being told by another trainer he wouldn't work with my dog because of his aggression towards some people and

    Read More
  • Not-So-Little Miss Lila +

    Training Program: Basic Manners
    Program Start Date:  9.20.15  

    Let me start off by telling the story of Lila. She is a stunning, affectionate, intelligent, very impulsive and very powerful 9 month old, 70 pound female Rotweiller puppy. When she was 10 weeks old we realized we needed help with

    Read More
  • Saving Spencer's Life... +

    Program Start Date: 7.16.15
    Training Program:  In-Patient

    Brian Manning and his team at Canine Behavioral Services saved our dog’s life.

    Spencer, a five and a half year old boxer beagle rescue, had been living with us for over three years. About 99% of the time, he had the sweetest, loving

    Read More
  • Treating Tucker the Tyrant +

    Training Program: In-Patient 
    Program Start Date:  3.7.15  

    There aren't enough words to express how appreciative my fiance and I are for the hard work and decidation Brian and his Pack put into rehabilitating our rescue dog, Tucker. For an entire  year our family lived with feelings of fear and

    Read More
  • Bringing Back A Balanced Bula +

    Program Start Date: 6.2.14
    Training Program:  In-Patient

    In the summer of 2014, we reached out fo Brian and CBS Inc.'s Behavioral Rehab Program to help us address changes in our then 3 year old Lab/Shep Mix, Bula. Since moving to RI (from CA) she had become increasingly anxious, stressed and

    Read More
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The Daily Bark

  • Safety is the key..... +

    What is it that motivates your dog?  I bet it's not what you think!

    Safety.... Yup, that's it.  The absolute, hands-down, numero uno, Number 1 thing that fuels the a highest motivating factor in any dog...heck, likely any animal (including humans!).  I know, you want to think it's greasy hot

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  • Is this really dog training? +

    Is this the best that local Dog Trainers have to offer?

    Okay, it's time I said something. This has been building up in me for some time and I think I'm going to burst!!

    What the heck is up with dog trainers in RI? Yesterday I was contacted by a

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    BEWARE:  Littermate Syndrome

    It always amazes me how few breeders, let alone unsuspecting owners, know about the most common behavioral malady that occurs, in varying degrees, in EVERY situation where Littermates are kept together past 7-8 weeks of age.  And before you read any further, you don't have to take

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  • It's time to cast your VOTE! +


    Cast your Vote HERE!

    It's time to vote for the Animal Print Magazine's 10th Annual Top Dog Readers Choice Survey !   

    Please VOTE for Canine Behavioral Services Inc.!!

    This year, we've received the honor of being recognized as a potential recipient in the "Board & Train Facility" category (#18)!

    Read More
  • Dogs Go Nuts for GoughNuts! +

      DGN Cover

    Shop for GoughNuts Now!

    After many years and thousands of dollars wasted on inferior toys that claim to be "indestructible" - I think I've finally found a line of the most "indestructible" dog toys ever available and we're proud to announce that these Virtually Indestructible toys are ON SALE and

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Pet Insurance

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Premium Pet Food

  • lifesabundance

    CBS Exclusively recommends and uses premium Life's Abundance for all of our Pet Food needs.

    Choose Life's Abundance...for the life of your dog!

    Simply go to www.myhealthypetfood.com.

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Dog Training Books



    Dogwise.com has all of your dog training and behavior reading materials.  

    Click Here to vastly improve your dog knowledge!

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Financing Available

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