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Our History

Over 20 Years Experience

Canine Behavioral Services Inc. was established, in 1996, in Sarasota FL. by Canine Behavior Consultant and Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Brian Manning, CPDT-KA. Over the past 20 years, Brian has held many positions in the Pet Services field including Kennel Worker, Animal Rescue Agent, Veterinary Technician, shelter Adoption Supervisor and Trainers Assistant and now, Certified Professional Dog Trainer. In his career, Brian has helped thousands of dogs and their owners find balance in their relationship through education and effective communication.

The 3 C’s - By becoming our dog's Calm, Confident & Consistent Leader, we can alleviate and avoid many unwanted behaviors and channel excessive energy into a positive and productive relationship.

The Facts - The actual numbers of dogs euthanized yearly in the United States is staggering. According to the most recent statistical information provided by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), in 2012 there were approximately 83.3 million owned dogs in the United States. That's an increase of over 4 million dogs in the last 12 years. Studies estimate that 5 to 7 million dogs are surrendered to animal shelters or humane organizations every year. Of those up to 7,000,000 unwanted dogs, approximately 60% are euthanized. That potentially means that over 4,200,000 (four million two hundred thousand!) dogs are euthanized in this country every year. 

We believe that percentage to be much, much higher.



Cynopraxis / LIMA (Least Intrustive - Minimally Aversive). 

As the field of dog training grows, so do your options with regards to "styles" or methods when choosing a trainer.  People are commonly asking - "what is your methodology?" or, "whose method do you use?".  Whether a trainer tries to live up to the altruistic "All-Positive" ideology, uses Clicker Training or exclusively e-collar - no one singular method can ever be successful for every dog and owner team in every case.  Because of this, we here at Canine Behavioral Services Inc refuse to limit our available training & treatment protocols just to classify ourselves as one type of trainer or another.   When it comes right down to it - we will not rule out the use of any humane training protocol or method that works for that specific dog and owner team.  What method do we use?  We use the method that works! 

  • Cynopraxis-The Pack Behavior Method: Cynopraxic Dog Training is defined as a dog-friendly behavior training methodology that strengthens the bond between human and dog. Using natural Leadership techniques and tactics, we are able to develop an effective and very rewarding Leader-Follower Bond all while communicating in a language that dogs can actually understand. This highly successful training philosophy is our adopted methodology here at Canine Behavioral Services Inc. 

  • Behavior Modification: The process of working to directly alter a patient's behavior patterns in order to minimize self-defeating trends and heighten productivity and self-satisfaction.


Professional Certifications & Accreditation's


CPDT logoCertified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed; CPDT-KA (#2081640)
Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (

ProfessionalMember Professional Member APDT (#74463)
Association of Professional Dog Trainers (

IACPProfessional Member IACP (#3099)
International Association of Professional Dog Trainers (

class logo smCertified C.L.A.S.S. Instructor (#E750552)
Canine Life And Social Skills (

In the past 10-15 years there have been great advancements in the field of Canine Behavior & Training.  One of the most important areas of progress has been the emergence of professional organizations whose sole mission is to further the advancement of knowledge, and professionalism, in the field and ensure Trainers utilize scientifically sound and humane practices in their pursuit of training dogs.  While these organizations can serve to certify and accredit established trainers as well as to valiate their practices, it is important that dog owners understand the differences between a Professional Level Membership and other Membership levels that can simply by purchased for a fee.

Let me explain.


Customized Training Quote


The Daily Bark

  • Dogs Go Nuts for GoughNuts! +

      DGN Cover

    Shop for GoughNuts Now!

    After many years and thousands of dollars wasted on inferior toys that claim to be "indestructible" - I think I've finally found a line of the most "indestructible" dog toys ever available and we're proud to announce that these Virtually Indestructible toys are ON SALE and

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  • Spring Has Sprung!! +

    What a beautiful day with some beautiful dogs! 

    piZap on

    I feel quite blessed, and extremely thankful, that I am fortunate enough to have the type of relationship I do with man's best friend!  There's really no words that can describe the feeling I get when I'm surrounded by

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  • Public Exposure Training +

    4.5.15 - Public Exposure Training on Easter Sunday


    We spent our Easter Sunday working with the dogs on Public Exposure Training.  This is when we take the dogs here for Rehab and/or Training and, once they are deemed "ready", we take them out into the public to help proof the

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  • Pack Dynamic Training Podcast. +

    3.28.15 - Pack Dynamic Training Method explained in a Podcast with Dog Trainers Connection.

    To listen to this Podcast: Click Here

    Good morning friends! A couple of days ago I was interviewed by a good friend. fellow dog trainer and colleague, Bonnie Brown. Bonnie's company, The Dog Trainers Connection, is at

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  • Scarlett Treadmill at Home +


    Hello and welcome to our new Blog.  My intention with this forum is to regularly post news, comments and information along with pictures and videos regarding all things dog!  

    Please check back regularly for fresh and new comments and information.  Thank you very much for your interest!

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Client Testimonials

  • Bulldog Aggression Rehabilitation +

    Hello Brian,

    I cannot really put into words how happy we are, or how grateful we are that you gave us back part of our family that had been lost for the past couple of years.  I don’t think “thank you” is really enough when it comes to the transformation

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  • PAWS Program Socialization +

    My beautiful 5-year old Labrador Retriever Mix named Shea was becoming more reactive with other dogs during our long walks around the neighborhood. Shea is a rescue and has been with my family for almost 1 year, and I was worried that she was becoming dog aggressive. After attending the

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  • Problems With Littermates +

    We would like to share with you our experience with Canine Behavioral Services;

    We are a family of five, with three teenage girls, and a year ago we had to put our 14 ½ year old male Dalmatian to sleep as he was getting old and starting to fail.

    A year later, on 02-20-2011, we

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  • Dogs Fighting In The Home +

    Greetings fellow dog owners,

    Brian was our savior!  We introduced a rescue German Shepherd (GSD-F) with lots of issues to our home where we already had an existing (GSD-F) and a Aussie(M).  From the first day, chaos broke out with multiple fights. After 2 trips to the vets for stitches and my trip

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  • German Shepherd With Aggression +

    Hey Brian!

    First of all I hope all is well!! I'm writing to let you know about Lina's new home! We found a family that really knows the shepherd breed--they have one of their own currently and have had many over the years. They work with a local dog trainer

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